Monday, August 30, 2004


Well, I'm back. Great vacation -- lots of beach reading, great wine, and good food. I feel good.

It surprises me how happy I am to be back even at work... but then, look at what I'm doing! I missed you guys.

I feel like I should be brimming over with things to write about, but -- I'm not. I wasn't while I was gone either. Normally, I write epic journal entries daily on vacation, but this time... not so much. One. About the possibility of impending motherhood (its too soon to have anything to report for those who are curious). But mostly I read.

I did write letters to voters in the "swing states" about why I think they should vote for Kerry (I got a list of names and addresses from our local Democratic Party committee -- how they got address lists of registered voters in other states, I do not know). It took me four drafts to get one that I felt like I could stand behind. I hate political propaganda, and to create it feels uncomfortable. But to do nothing in this election would feel like a greater failing to me. So, as imperfect the means, ultimately they're harmless -- and I like to think I'd rather get a handwritten letter from an earnest stranger better than a piece of glossy glibness. But I'm enough uneasy about it that I have yet to send them. Is it too creepy to get a letter from a stranger? Does it cross some unverbalized but societally understood privacy boundary? I can't decide. Curious for your thoughts...

My fingers feel rusty. Back with more soon. Thanks so much for visiting while I was gone.