Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Someone found their way to my blog today while searching for "Esther and Snick!"

It never even occurred to me until right now that it is possible that there is some other "Esther and Snick" who don't circulate in same corners of blogland. I just thought it was kind of a funny pairing...

I mean, unless I'm missing something (and lord knows I could be) it just didn't strike me as a more obvious pairing along the lines of, say "Mmmmm and C.E." or "Aimee and Celti" or "Queenie and cbeck" or "Michael and Sloth" or even "Lovisa and Snick."

Instead, it struck me as a pairing more along the lines of: "Vadergrrrl and Morgan" or "AJ and Seeker" or "Jennifer and Todd Vodka" or "Inanna and Trisha," etc.. In other words, not as a necessarily incompatible pairing -- just not a particularly obvious one, either. In any case, it tickled me, as such things tend to. (Different orbit, remember.)

So, just thought I'd procrastinate a little and take the opportunity to give new visitors some links to visit.

p.s. When you do set up a blog, Snick, let me know and I'll add your link, too. No pressure or anything.